For your convenience, I’ve placed all of Yelp’s filtered and unfiltered reviews of In Focus with Michele Burgess here, on one page. Unfortunately, one former client chose to air her many complaints about me personally (not about the quality of tours I operate) shortly after she returned from my 2010 Kenya safari. Despite this review being old, despite the fact the reviewer has never reviewed any other business on Yelp, and despite there being many more recent offsetting reviews, Yelp “filtered” all positive reviews so that my business looks very bad to those who don’t take the time to read further (or don’t realize how to access the filtered reviews). Also, the filtered 5-star reviews aren't factored into the equation, so it looks as if I deserve only two stars. I and many other business owners in the same situation are extremely unhappy about this process, yet Yelp offers no recourse. Please take the time to read the positive reviews as well as the negative one.

I’ve been in business since 1986, 46% of my clients have been referred by others, and many are repeat customers (several people have been with me more than a dozen times). I didn’t last this long by being the type of person described in the one negative review. Other opinions are expressed on the Client Comments page of my website.

If you’d like to go to the actual Yelp website, please click on the Yelp logo at the bottom of this page.

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