“My husband and I have traveled with Michele on 17 trips. We only wish we had found her earlier so we could have traveled more with her. She is organized, enthusiastic about her trips, and very positive. She loves life and traveling and we are fortunate to be able to go along with her to the fabulous destinations she chooses. She is also very helpful with your photography if you needed assistance. We have traveled with many other groups and have never had the complete fulfillment in a trip as we have had with Michele. We come home happy, feeling we have seen and photographed the most amazing things. We have already signed up for one of her trips next year.”

M. Plakos, 17 trips since 2008

“We had a marvelous time. We have not traveled with anybody who does a better job of pre-trip preparation and post-trip follow-up than you. We particularly appreciate the fact that you accompany every one of your trips. Sharon and I are looking forward to traveling with you again in what we hope will be the not-too-distant future.”

S. Mishkin, 7 trips since 1998

“I really appreciated all the pre and post-trip info I received. Thanks so much for the group photo. In spite of not being a photographer, it was wonderful having all the photo opportunities. This is often a frustration on other trips. You see a ‘photo moment’ but you just keep on moving! I came home with some really good photos. Thank you!!”

B. Smith, 2011 Burma/Cambodia, 2013 Oman/United Arab Emirates, 2014 Togo/Benin/Ghana, 2018 Borneo, 2018 Nepal

“One of the best trips I've ever been on. Now I want to learn more about photography. I hope I can travel with you in 2016. Also, you were a lot of fun and I appreciated the follow-up.”

A. Myers, 2014 Togo/Benin/Ghana


“I like all of the reading material sent in advance. Your trips are the perfect balance of organization and planning with some free time to explore on our own. It was great to see people I had traveled with before.”

J. Lager, 2004 Bhutan, 2013 Vietnam/Laos, 2016 Chile, 2017 Armenia/Georgia


“Many thanks for the photos, the group photos as well as the individuals. We really enjoyed our trip with you, and managed to capture some pretty terrific images. We particularly liked the fact that you managed the group sweetly and gently, but firmly, so that everyone was pleasant to everyone else, everyone had a great time, everyone stayed a member of the group. You have some exceptional people skills! We hope we’ll have more opportunities to travel with you in the future. Many thanks for it all!”

C. & C. Krumbein, 2012 Patagonia/Easter Island


“My past 30 years of travel have included exotic foreign sites...this experience was the most magical, unforgettable, life-changing event. For the first 6 nights we were home, I continued to dream about Kenya and was disappointed when I awakened to find myself in California. We will travel with you again!”

M. Yusem, 2012 Kenya, 2015 Oman/United Arab Emirates


“You have the scheduling and details of this trip down pat. I was so comfortable with how organized and smoothly the entire trip went. It’s obvious you have your fellow travelers’ interests in every step of the planning (and you’re a lot of fun, too).”

D. McAfee, 2014 Kenya, 2016 Tanzania


“Thanks so much, Michele, for a great trip — not a single glitch! Your pre-trip info and post-trip follow-up are exceptional, too. Hope to travel with you again.”

N. Murphy, 2006 Patagonia/Easter Island

“Can’t thank you enough for everything. I had some pretty high expectations for this trip…and it was without question even more than I expected. History tells me that travels such as this can be fraught with all sorts of hiccups and, while enjoyable, sometimes tend to be just slightly less than what one envisioned. Not so here…and that is credit to you. Accommodations, drivers, meals, connections, timing, and the crescendo towards Governors’ and the balloon…it all seems part of the master plan to build an unforgettable experience. One I will never forget. I have returned a changed man…and all for the better.”

O. Ashurst, 2007 Kenya

“Have just returned from my 12th Kenya safari, the 9th with Michele. I find her safaris to be head and shoulders above any other I’ve taken as a professional photographer. The accommodations, food, professional driver/guides, choice of locations and, best of all, the friendly, comprehensive personal attention provided by Michele, are truly outstanding!!! I’ve already signed up for the 2017 trip.”

J. Sloman, 9 trips to Kenya, 2016 Tanzania

“You are very thorough, professional and highly organized. I enjoy traveling with a well motivated group of nice people under your leadership. I’m looking forward for the next opportunity to travel with you.”

M. Baca, 2007 Japan, 2007 Peru, 2008 South Korea

“You run a great trip. Your eye and interest in capturing moments always made the day something to look forward to.”

B. Angell, 2004 Bhutan, 2009 China, 2011 Namibia, 2012 China

“Way beyond my expectations. Great tour, great itinerary. Most exciting places, most kind and beautiful people, most breathtaking scenery, most memorable experience, most congenial fellow travelers, and many more ‘mosts.’ The tour was very well planned. Everything was thought of and looked after. We didn’t have much else to worry about but enjoying ourselves.”

V. Teophil, 2004 Burma/Cambodia, 2004 Bhutan, 2005 China

“Splendid, fantastic, wonderful...no amount of words can describe what a tremendous journey this was to Kenya. Michele, your passion, excitement and enthusiasm for Kenya, photography, wildlife and traveling is evident and is what made this trip so incredible. From the vast info in the mail prior to the trip, to sharing experiences from past trips, to learning about everything we saw...you made this an unforgettable experience. Can’t wait to travel with you again!!!”

K. Cuccia, 2004 Kenya, 2016 Tanzania

“It was perfect! The group size made it so much better for photos, visiting sites, meals, and more opportunity to get to know the people. You have a wonderful attitude, search out interesting destinations to share with your groups, and make sure each person is getting the most out of the trip. I’d travel with you again and again and thank you for a fantastic journey!”

J. Deringer, 1989 Indonesia, 1992 Tibet/Nepal, 2004 Chile/Easter Island, 2014 India

“Overall experience exceeded my undefined expectations and our group dynamics were far above expectation. Your attention to before, during, and after-trip details is greatly appreciated. Never got so much info from any other tour operator. Exquisite choice of destinations sets you far above the crowd and I look forward to another ‘other world’ journey with you!”

J. Ebenkamp, 2004 Burma/Cambodia

“A Michele Burgess tour is at the top of my ‘Recommended’ list. Thanks again for giving me such a superb experience. I knew it would be good, but did not expect it to be so delightfully unique.”

A. Kirk, 2004 Burma/Cambodia, 2005 China, 2006 Turkey, 2009 China

“Don't know anybody who tries harder to inform clients of what to expect — especially in difficult-to-travel areas. Your research and information materials are unsurpassed. I do enjoy your trips. That’s why I keep comin’ back.”

G. Bloomstein, 12 trips since 1995

“I have been on three safaris in East and South Africa and this was the best one for animal viewing and overall planning. I highly recommend this trip! I have never traveled more with any other travel company so I guess YOUR TOURS ARE THE BEST!”

R. Heacock, 13 trips since 1995

“Another highly enjoyable photo/travel experience with my favorite photographer. Loved seeing the exotic wildlife and the Aboriginal culture, plus the sunshine, flowers, and dramatic landscapes. Again, you organized a varied itinerary and your personal leadership always makes it a pleasure. You manage to take a group of very different people and mold them into a fun-filled, (semi) obedient, successful and appreciative group (family?). With your usual careful planning and on-trip guidance, there is little or nothing that could be improved! Thanks for including me in Oz 2002 — you’re not only a great photographer, you’re a super person, too!”

C. Gefrorer, 2000 Indochina, 2002 China/Tibet, 2002 Australia, 2003 Kenya, 2004 Chile

“We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip to Kenya with you. We found the tour to be very well organized. The travel arrangements and accommodations were excellent. Michele, you took good care of us. In addition to all the other exciting experiences, you made our 48th anniversary very special. We treasure the book, card, and all the memories of our trip. The Governors’ Camp Band will never be forgotten. Hope we will be able to travel with you again.”

J. & L. Robbins, 2003 Kenya

“The trip was great. What I did appreciate extremely was all the info you sent before the trip. Also appreciate the after-trip package. It was a pleasure to travel with you. I’m sure I’ll be doing it again.”

J. Helderman, 10 trips since 2002

“I want to thank you for the group panda photo and the daily log of our trip. Even though I kept my own photo diary, I found your summary, and especially the place names, very helpful. I really enjoy reliving the trip through the pictures...I realize how much we did, how interesting it all was, and what a terrific tour you put together. When I think about all the research, planning, preparation, negotiations, and follow-up that you do for each trip, I am astounded that you do this as often as you do.”

K. Breitbart, 2002 China/Tibet

“You really know how to conduct tours! I noted that all of your contacts in foreign lands really like you and enjoy working with you. You seem to think of everything to make your adventure travelers happy — being at the right place at the right time for photography. It’s a distinct pleasure traveling with you.”

J. Dean, 21 trips since 2000

“In almost every way this trip exceeded my expectations, and since I have dreamed of seeing Africa for 30 years, that’s saying a lot! The schedule is well thought out, full but not exhausting. I particularly liked the combination of driving and flying, giving us the opportunity to see the countryside. The time at each location was perfect. The lodges are comfortable, food great, the tent camp a great experience. Our drivers were excellent — they know so much and were so helpful. Of course, it goes without saying that having only 3-4 per vehicle is a huge plus! You run a great trip and I was thoroughly pleased. Also, thanks for the wealth of information — before and after the trip.”

S. Howard, 11 trips since 2002

“I hated it to end. It was a first class trip. I like a small group. I just wonder if it could ever be topped. Thank you — I loved it and can see why you get repeaters. I was emotionally affected by the children at the school; never have I had a reception like that in my lifetime. Lovely.”
J. Forsyth, 2000 Kenya

“Pre-trip planning superior to any previous travels. Your low-key way of keeping us together and informed made the trip a pleasure even with the usual diverse collection of travelers. I would like to travel with you again. Travis, and your way of meeting the people, especially the children, was A+.”
M. Koch, 2000 Indochina, 2004 Burma/Cambodia

“There wouldn't have been a trip if it hadn’t been for you, Michele, who should be awarded the title ‘Tour Leader Extraordinaire.’ Thank you for all the hard work it took to make our trip a great one. While we were traveling together, I thought to myself many times how fortunate I was to have such pleasant traveling companions. One of the special joys of any journey is the people I share it with. I enjoyed your upbeat attitude and enthusiasm. It would be my good fortune if our paths cross again someday.”
J. Woollems, 1998 and 2000 China

“How could you give a website directory and a two-page list of additional info and reading? All this after the half-ton you sent! A quick perusal and quick partial reading of your material tells me that your Xeroxed articles will be most helpful and appreciated because they’re from other travelers and photographers who have experienced what we will encounter. What a wonderful collection you have made and how great that you share it with us and save us so much work and research. You do give more appreciative features such as the literature, group photo, personal attention, cheerfulness and just many other niceties than I’ve ever gotten with other tour operators.”
J. Crumley, 7 trips since 1991

“I think you do a wonderful job on your tours. You put so much thought and planning into them. They are particularly great for photographers, but even as a not real enthusiastic photographer I enjoyed your trips. I get to enjoy the sights and scenes without the burden and distraction of taking that ‘perfect’ photo.”
G. Lawson, 8 trips since 1993

“You are so well organized it is hard to believe. The volume of material you sent is wonderful. I don’t believe that other tour leaders would go to the trouble, time and expense of sending all of this information. I would recommend Michele Burgess to anyone, who wants to go anywhere. You do a great job as a tour guide, and as a person.”

C. Manzer, 1998 Kenya, 2000 India

“This was the best vacation I have ever had. I still can’t believe I saw some of the things I saw. Thanks for the birthday party; it’s a personal touch that shows you care about your people and are having as much fun as we are. It felt like I was traveling with good friends, not just on a tour! There is also a real difference in personal treatment between this tour and a tour organized by the big companies. I have made some really good friends. Michele, I will follow you anywhere!”
C. Stiles, 9 trips since 1995

“A world of thanks! For a memorable trip — the most unforgettable we have ever taken, and your unfailing good humor, marvelous planning and organization. Looking forward to the get-together in September — and future trips with you!”
W. Selleck & D. Foster, 1998 Kenya, 2002 Australia

“You did a great job. Probably your best selling point is that you don’t act like the know-it-all tour director. You become friends with each member and enjoy yourself with us. Thanks so much.”
M. Goodspeed, 1995 Kenya/Tanzania, 1996 Kenya, 1999 Turkey, 2000 Peru

“I couldn’t have chosen a more exciting or memorable way of celebrating my 75th birthday. The trip from beginning to the last day was above and beyond my greatest expectations. I had dreamed of going to Africa since I was 10 years old. The accommodations, food, drivers, and travel companions were all fantastic. I feel more alive since the trip. Looking forward to another adventure. Again, many, many thanks.”
M. Furtek, 1996 and 2001 Kenya, 2002 Egypt

“For me the trip was truly a dream come true. It was especially nice of you to plan an anniversary party for us — with presents! We are perfectly aware that a great deal of the success of the trip had to do with your superb planning and care of every detail. We truly appreciate your efforts on behalf of your people. Michele, we’d follow you ANYWHERE! Thanks a million for everything.”
C. & J. Francisco, 1997 and 2001 Kenya

“I have never enjoyed anything more. You were a fantastic tour leader. The trip was one I'll dream of forever.”
C. Smith, 17 trips since 1993 (16 of them to Kenya)

“The itinerary of your trip was well planned, and destinations carefully selected, and you kept us well informed before and after the trip. Best of all, we were provided with ample time and opportunities to take pictures. To me, it was a perfect trip.”
J. Wang, 9 trips since 1993

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